Why just one day-Earth Day

We all inhabit this planet, Earth.  On April 22, I was without Wi-Fi so couldn’t blog on Earth Day.  Then, I got to thinking…Have you heard of any ongoing information about helping save our planet?  Trees were planted,many parks had … Continue reading

Giving Negative feedback-Avoid a toxic workplace!

Everyone likes to know how they’re doing.  There is a very wise saying and that deserves repeating…Praise in public, blame in private.  Simple, yes?  But why do so many managers/bosses forget this! I was caught while the manager while she … Continue reading

Grief, Loss & Healing-When you’ve lost a pet/friend…

Our cats and dogs are often like family.  All last week, I’ve been on that emotional roller coaster.  Things are looking good, I’ll be able to bring my 16 year old cat, Fidget, home…Then, things got worse.  Fidget will never … Continue reading

Is Your Boss A Jerk? 5 Ways that definitely tell…

Jerks come in all shapes and sizes.  As a coach,some of my clients have related horror stories about their “jerk of a boss!  Here are 5 signs of “jerkdom”. Now, we’re all fallible, even your boss can on occasion, be … Continue reading