You can “go to a Conference” without leaving your home! Think Live Streaming!

Yes, we have live streaming for this conference.  Check it out! Empower yourself! Get unstuck, unleash your inner power and become unstoppable!! Join us for 3 days of training in sunny Las Vegas, April 1-3, 2016 in the areas … Continue reading

Live with Passion & Purpose!

Live with Passion & Purpose Discovery Session This Free 45 min. session by phone will cover past, present and future goals/dreams for your business and your life. Scheduling Appointments Now Send me an email to • Create a sense … Continue reading

Disability Expo, Sat, March 19-Does does this mean big changes in the workplace?

I’m doing a talk on “Disability Does Not Have to Disable You: 5 Secrets for Career/Life Success!” In order to prepare, I looked at many workplace accommodations needed by people with disabilities. I’m trying to break through some barriers that … Continue reading

Happy Workplace-5 tips in giving Negative Feedback

Many managers thrive on encouraging employees.  Giving negative feedback?  Not so much. Here are some tips for managers to maintain a happy workplace environment. Immediacy is key.  Once a manager notices something that isn’t working due to a certain behavior…Attend … Continue reading

Top 7 questions new hires should expect to hear!

(I’ve been repeatedly asked to write on Careers-I listened to my readers) Everyone knows, when you’re a new employee, you need to make a good impression!  Usually, in the first 60-90 days, the standard probationary period, you’ll most likely hear … Continue reading

FemPower Summit 2016-conference dedicated to empowering women…

FemPower Summit 2016 is designed to encourage, support and empower women in finances, spirituality,career/business growth, relationships and other aspects of your lives.  I am excited to join several amazing presenters all dedicated to helping you discover your hidden potential. It’s … Continue reading

Like him or hate him,Trump is a media darling!

  I was going through deleting old news stories.  I get Top News for USA Today.  But, it really could be any media outlet.  It was every story, Trump was in the news.  The media love him and his out … Continue reading

The Ugly truth about resumes

A resume gets you a job, right?  Nope, not that simple…a good, well-written, error-free resume may get you an interview.  Emphasis on MAY!  The Hiring Manager/Recruiter/Employer read every resume.  ‘Fraid not. A recruiter friend once told me that she gets … Continue reading