Pivot:The Art & Science of Reinventing You Career & Life!

There are millions of books you can read…But, Pivot is a book you have to/need to read! My Mentor, Adam Markel has a Transformational book called, PIVOT that will launch in April. Adam and the book publisher, Simon & Schuster … Continue reading

Networking,great ways to job search, grow business and make friends!

I went to a networking meeting recently.  After being away due to health and taking courses that prevented me from attending, it felt like my first meeting! But, I was welcomed and made to feel at home.  There were women … Continue reading

The Ultimate Relationship Retreat, not a Couples event at all!

Catching up after going to the Ultimate Relationship Retreat by New Peaks, the largest Personal Development and Training Company in North America as well as many countries! Outstanding! 5 days experiential learnings. Amazing support, I’m so glad we attended! Clark … Continue reading

Why would you start a business

There are many reasons why you start a business.  One of my favorites-ones my new clients say is “I want to be my “own boss!”  Okay, what product/service are you offering?  Beyond all that, why do you want to start … Continue reading