So…you want to blog…part 2

jumping for joyWhen I finish writing a blog post, I am a happy camper and want to jump for joy!  But, I never to you…I tell it like it is…Sometimes,that blank stares at you with that !!**! cursor, and absolutely nothing comes!  And I love to write!

But, what happens if that dreaded written words elude you.  In part one, I stressed the importance of being passionate about your topic…but, hey, we all get writer’s block!

Here are 3 content ideas…one, look on wikipedia or Google, add that date of today and find out it’s national be kind to your roommate day, special ice cream day!  There are all real days!

2, Create a catchy title that is full of the keywords in your field of interest, for example, I’m Transition Expert and Career Coach as well as a Business Coach…my keywords would be Career Transition, Solopreneurs/entrepreneurs, Employment…

3. A picture is worth a thousand words, I use free or royalty-free images you can easily find royalty- free images.  I just google whatever free image I need.

 I often feel my creativity is sparked when I find it before I write…I often find I write first then find the image.  Finding the jack o lantern with a Santa hat perched jauntily atop its pumpkin head. It reminded how stores treated holidays.

I’m asked how do I decide what/when to write-some bloggers use an editorial calendar, others don’t.  I’m more of the ones who don’t.  I often go with my gut when deciding what or even when to write.

If I got great service or a really crappy one, I may blog about it (spoiler alert-I will) it’ll come out Wednesday.  A number of the bloggers I know do adhere to strict scheduling and one of my goals I wrote for 2016 is to be more organized.

We’ll see.  Hope this is helpful.  Are you a blogger or considering starting or have ever read one? 🙂

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