What makes an interview, an interview?

  Simple answer?  Every time you invited in for a potential position…this makes it an interview.  Being invited in can coming into the company’s offices or having a phone interview.  Not sure why some people don’t seem to take a … Continue reading

Wed.is Free “5 Strategies for Success!

    I’m really excited to share with you my 5 Strategies for Success!  I’ve poured through research and added my my experience to bring to you successful tips. This Free teleseminar is designed for both the Resolution-Makers and folks … Continue reading

Why join a Mastermind?

1+1=3 simply put.  When they said, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts…or 2 heads are better than one could all be describing the benefits of being in a Mastermind group. Napoleon Hill, in Think & Grow … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Success FREE Teleseminar

I want to invite you to a free teleseminar Thurs. Jan. 14 at  7pm  EST or Wed. Jan. 27th at 7pm EST Please, register even thoughit’s Free, you want to reserve your spot. www.Momentum Mastermind groups.com.  all together … Continue reading

So, you want to start a blog…part 1

This is someone frustrated…the ever popular question…what to write?  I think it bears saying…everyone’s doesn’t have to blog!  Yes, it’s a great marketing tool… if you love to write!   But, if you hate writing, don’t blog!  Maybe join Pinterest … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Success! Free. Teleseminar Tonight! 8pm, EST

Ever feel discouraged?  You chase success…it never .works out!  It’s a new year and even though you’ve made resolutions faithfully, but never seem to accomplish them…Feel frustrated and confused? Back by popular demand! Well,  no more frustration…Come tonight to my … Continue reading