517 Million dollars worldwide sales! A successful transition far,far, away…was it the Force?

Yes, I’m talking about Star Wars,  The Force Awakens…a very successful transition.  New characters blend with old favorites.  That’s the expectation for Transition, to come in the Commencement Phase better and full of new ideas to move forward  chockful of … Continue reading

Why Do People Need A Coach?

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Marcia Merrill. I work as a Mid Life Transition Coach, which I love. In a recent call, a fellow Global Mastermind member,Ed Castner, spoke on the aspects of a Business Plan.  I have a … Continue reading

Coloring is not just for kids-the transition to adult coloring books!

I was in Barnes & Noble’s last month.  They had coloring books on sale.  I grabbed one for a little girl I know…I’m waiting in line to pay and start leafing through and see complicated designs and very intricate drawings…flowers, … Continue reading

Christmas starts when??

Have you ever watched those great, tear-jerker Hallmark Holiday classics?  Makes you feel warm and charitable doesn’t it?  How many catalogs and the pleas donations from every non profit? Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays.  I just want … Continue reading

Podcasting-a HUGE transition!

You might have noticed, I kinda disappeared from blogging-my back has been plaguing me!  Transverse process fractures are debilitating and painful!  Nuff said.  Everyone has some challenge. Speaking of challenges, I’ve recently started Podcasting Training. I can’t say enough great … Continue reading