Life directions…transitions

 Tomorrow is the first day of Life Directions, a course by New Peaks.  Curious as to why I attend these courses?  The best way is to attend a Millionaire Mind Experience or a Reignite.  I’ll tell how to get VIP … Continue reading

Thanksgiving and my injured back!

Some things you can predict, like holiday…Boy, there’s a booming industry-Thanksgiving notes, both on & offline, as in snail-mail.  I don’t know about you, but,both my inbox and physical mailbox are crammed with Thanksgiving notes/cards and ideas.  Almost every Internet … Continue reading

Your mission is possible!

About 5 days ago, I got back from a great course, Mission Possible.  How do I begin to describe this amazing experience?  I graduated with 3 certifications- Coaching, a great complement to my other Coaching credentials, but, I also am … Continue reading

Mule Mind -change from nice to stubborn!

I have coached numerous clients, some more open-minded, than others. If you pay a coach to work together to change something holding you back & move forward to your next career or business…life! But, there are types of clients where … Continue reading

Another Transition- Guerrila Business School gave such a gteat experience!

New Peaks, formerly Peak Potentials,a Personal Development Training Company, offered a comprehensive 5 day program a few  weeks ago in Orlando, Florida.  The Guerrilla Business School was an amazing experience.  It has been called, an MBA on steroids!  I believe … Continue reading