Imagine, a smooth transition from airport to hotel and back again! Only a dream!

I have a case pending so I can’t say their name…for now. ūüôā Recently, I traveled to Guerrilla Business School and had an amazing time! ¬†More in future post, promise. ¬†This is dedicated to all the travelers out there! ¬†I’m … Continue reading

From the Holocaust to Freedom-What a transition!

My husband & I went to the Holocaust Museum. ¬†The museum is set up as self-directed and is a powerful experience. Seeing the rise of Hitler and Nazism, was chilling to see and hear. I started thinking about the moderately … Continue reading

Web sites and transitions

  A friend just emailed how much she loves my new website look.Great colors, very welcoming…This got me to thinking, colors really ARE important! ¬†I have had about 5 websites. ¬†I’m hardly a web Expert, this is what I’ve learned … Continue reading


New business ideas from my Global MasterMind Retreat!

Ideas are percolating…Yesterday, I grabbed new domains. ¬†Strategizing ways to rebrand the business! ¬†More transitions. ¬†Transitions are nothing to scared about…They always occur-things change. ¬†I’ve never met anyone who has not experienced any changes in their lives. ¬†It’s how you … Continue reading

Can you say “NO”& mean it?

We teach others how to treat us. ¬†That goes for knowing who to ask for a favor. ¬†My client,let’s call her, Ann wonders why everyone’s always asking her to do something she’d rather not do! ¬†Why? ¬†It’s simple…because she always … Continue reading