“Something’s Rotten” It Just Ain’t so!

Two weeks ago, my husband & I celebrated our twenty-fist anniversary with a trip to New York and a musical on Broadway. Seeing a musical was a given.  Plays are good, too.  But a musical on Broadway, come on…it doesn’t … Continue reading

Being a Volunteer, again!

I love volunteering.  There’s a huge “give back” ethic inside me.  Volunteering feeds my soul.  A few weeks ago, I went to Reignite Weekend in San Jose-strictly as a volunteer, part of a volunteer team affectionately named the “Karma Krew!” … Continue reading

Are you a Difference Maker?

I just came back from Wendy Lipton-Dibner’s Difference Makers Summit.  A Difference Maker is someone who wants their business to make a difference-an impact! It was a four days jam-packed seminar with easy to understand formulas to grow or jump-start … Continue reading

Aug.1st was National Coloring Book

Yep, I missed it!  I still love to color.  I’d play with nieces,they”re my best friend’s and color with them and chat and laugh…One’s 12 going on 25 and the other is a sophomore in college!  Man, do I feel … Continue reading

Blake and Miranda…Ben & Jen…

Everyone by now has heard of Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert got a divorce.  I’m sure many media outlets are scratching their heads and saying, “huh?”  And the “blame game” begins as reporters and paparazzi were shocked as were all … Continue reading