I’m grateful for…(parts XXVII-XXX)

Being thankful is a daily practice-I use a Gratitude Journal where I write down what I’m grateful for.  I also make it a Success Journal-3 things I did that day to completion.  For example, “Wrote blog post!”  🙂 I started … Continue reading

5 People every network MUST have!

Most people agree, networks are important.  Making connections makes you a better person and as 70% of jobs are found through networking, for a career changer, it’s a must! But, networking is not the exclusive realm of the job seeker. … Continue reading

The importance of “NO”! Saying Yes to Freedom!

Entrepreneurs, by nature and often,necessity, wear many hats.  Delegation is the key to sanity in this fast-paced world.  The art of saying no to some things, frees you up for other important things,like family/friends- the special people in our lives. … Continue reading

What is a mastermind and why should I care…

Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich and many other Business/Financial books, defined the mastermind group as “a unique concept that leverages the collective power of the group creating a third mind..”.Hill described masterminding as the “coordination of knowledge … Continue reading

Web site baby steps…

A bright, shiny, new web site is now LIVE!  I’m transitioning again.  This time for a full web site instead of just landing pages.  It feels strange but good.  Check out “my baby” http://www.midlifetransitioncoaching.com.   Love to hear what you … Continue reading

I am a Warrior-an Enlightened Warrior

Picture a beautiful, dry California desert, the home of the Enlightened Warrior Camp run by Peak Potentials, New Peaks-a personal development  company and this camp was amazing and fun and challenging.  I just got back from Enlightened Warrior Camp in … Continue reading

Leadership Doesn’t Have To Be Loud!

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  There’s that kid who always organized comes at recess,and then the high school jocks who often are thought as leaders.  College Academic Bowl or the Class President/Student Government and of course the leader … Continue reading

Are you a social entrepreneur?

The whole concept of a Social Entrepreneur,or Socially-Conscious Entrepreneur pretty much describes me.  I care about the environment,social justice, and being a compassionate human being.  Ryan Eliason calls it The Visionary Entrepreneur!  I heard him at the Transformational Author Experience … Continue reading