The Good old days..a box of Crayola crayons…

In the movie, “Forest Gump” was that famous line…”life is like a box of chocolates”.  I say life is like a box of crayons!  Before Donkey Kong or Battle something video games  took up your time,there was coloring.   And … Continue reading

Velcro Clothes-Disability and transition

I recently went shopping for shorts.  A rather unremarkable.  Never did I think of fastenings-color, cut, style…buttons.  But, there I was, luckily, decided to try them at home…I was beat.  This, yet another symptom of Ataxia (cerebellar atrophy)  I have … Continue reading

Do you have a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is that voice that tells a person and guides their behavior,  Many limiting beliefs result in obstacles to impede your moving forward.  We’re stuck on these messages. Often these limiting beliefs are what you’ve heard when you were … Continue reading

Pizza-Wanna slice…or Three…?

According to Science magazine, pizza is the most addictive food!  It beat out chocolate!  I’ve been reading up on this-could be a widespread panic if Dominos or Papa John’s might leave the community.  Let’s hear how to tell if you … Continue reading

How To Be A Great Protege (Mentee)

Becoming a protege (mentee) can be a great way to hit the ground running  It’s better than New Employee Orientation.  This an ongoing,(not just a few hours)  It can provide you with valuable information-could fast-track you to a promotion and … Continue reading

How To Be A Great Mentor

Mentor, in Greek Mythology was a friend of Odysseus and helped Telemachus his brother’s son.  According to Wikipedia, that’s how mentor came to be a word meaning,”someone who imparts wisdom and shared knowledge with a less experienced colleague”. Everyone should … Continue reading

Blogging For Your Business

I’m taking this course with Karen Leland on Social Media Mastery and one of her modules is on blogging.  She said that in order to be an effective blogger, you need to go outside of your subject and not be … Continue reading

Laughter & Coaching- Transitions in Thinking

Reader’s Digest had a column I dutifully read each week-“Laughter is the Best Medicine!” and that is true.  Bernie Siegel wrote how he assigned homework to his cancer patients to watch comedies, The Three Stooges, Buster Keaton, Michael Keaton in … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day to all os us motherless ones-Transition to adulthood

Many families celebrate Mom,as well, they should, with kid art, breakfast in bed, jewelry or a nice brunch/lunch/dinner.  I find myself reliving some transitions I made with and without my mom’s help.  My mom died of Alzheimer’s, a horrible disease … Continue reading

When is good enough-Transition from perfectionism…

A client was very excited about starting her new business…this has been the case for awhile.  She had to get her LLC and register her company and get a sales ID which she may or may not need-her products-when she … Continue reading