Balance? The big myth!

We’ve hearing that there’s such a thing as balance between our Lives and work, be it a career professional ,entrepreneur or stay at home mom…Is there such a thing?  The short answer-not really.

I prefer the term Life/work balance…It puts the emphasis on your Life and then the work/business you pursue.  Work is a part of your life-not something more than the rest of your Life.

Women, especially buy into the myth.  They often believe that all the others have it all figured out.  That they have somehow found the “secret.”   And I don’t mean Law of Attraction, though that is a part of it.  Everything is energy.  That which we focus on expands!  That means that if we focus on what doesn’t work, then more of that will come to you.  Let yourself be okay with not having perfect balance in all things-whatever that myth looks like for you.

We all play many roles.  Sister, daughter,friend, wife, mother…No one can expect to get an “A+” in everything!  ALL the time.  We’re raised to not place undue pressure on our children to always be the best…even as they strive for excellence, their best is /should be fine.  But, what about the pressure we put on ourselves?  Now, doing your best isn’t good enough!

I am an “overwhelm buster” according to a client.  She was an entrepreneur, a mom,wife and daughter of aging parents and the oldest of two.  She, like many midlife women, felt like she was juggling everyone’s needs but her own!  I’m sure many of you can relate.  When we reach midlife-somewhere between forty and fifty-five, give or take a few years…the quest for balance seems even more important.  Surely with your wisdom, you should have achieved it by now?  Not really.  There are more priorities!   We are also balancing care of aging parent(s) and raising the kids.  This group is popularly dubbed “The Sandwich Generation.”

So, what do you mean when you say balance?   Is everything of equal importance?  The answer?  It’s truly up to you!  What do you think?  Please leave a comment below!

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