World of Possibilities-Disability,Healthy Aging & Independent Living Expo-May 2nd-11am-4pm-I’m speaking 12:30pm-Come see!

Time for some great news about Baltimore.  This Sat,May 2nd is a super Expo -I’ve volunteered for 5 years,so, I ought to know.   Besides me speaking on “Being Your Own Boss-Everyone is Employ-Able!”,this Expo is one of the largest in … Continue reading

Everyone deserves to be in the Global Mastermind Group! (part 1)

My head is really full as I learned so much last week at the Global Mastermind Retreat in Las Vegas-no gambling.  In fact, our Trump hotel is the only hotel WITHOUT a casino.  As I’m not a gambler,this was just … Continue reading

What is happening to my Baltimore City?

Riots, fires and looting in my city.  Baltimore has been declared a state of emergency.  I’d planned on talking about my mastermind retreat in Las Vegas…Later. The Orioles game is postponed.  School ls closed Tuesday.  Soon, The National Guard will … Continue reading

Light Reading Picks

My VA (Virtual Assistant,Kim Wesley) has been hard at work putting together my list for my readers!  See I write it up-send it to her for the technology piece…It works out very well for all.  She does what she enjoys … Continue reading

Changes are coming-Google’s new criteria

When I started this blog, I really wanted to focus on the transitions all of us experience…What began as a reflection turned into providing numerous different kinds of information on change both in o0thers-my clients, my observations and so9me about … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(Part XXVI)

After numerous emails and time/date conflicts, we made it.  We carved out some “girl time.”  And, it was worth the wait! I’ve known Mona Freedman since 2008, when I first volunteered for the World of Possibilities Disability , Healthy Aging … Continue reading

Balance? The big myth!

We’ve hearing that there’s such a thing as balance between our Lives and work, be it a career professional ,entrepreneur or stay at home mom…Is there such a thing?  The short answer-not really. I prefer the term Life/work balance…It puts … Continue reading

Am I too fat?

I was reading a Shape magazine while getting a mani/pedi-my way of a bit of relaxation!  Over half of the women surveyed felt they were fat!  But, I started thinking about using fat as a metaphor…Fat,not in the traditional sense-rather, … Continue reading

Alone…in a crowd!

Sally is a workaholic and spends many hours alone or with colleagues she felt marginally ok around.  But, when it came to going to a new place,be it a new group of potential business associates or parents at a little … Continue reading

Springtime-Creativity Time!

Like a gym, I’m busy at start of the school year until about mid-November.  Then, it’s Holiday time and often, I use this time to reorganize my office, close out the books, do some business planning and enjoy that time … Continue reading