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I was reading some management newsletters and came across several on leadership.  As a coach and a “sponge”, this appealed to me.   I love to soak up knowledge and adapt this new knowledge share it with my coaching clients, who have christened me-Ms. Google!  As I wind up my low introductory offer for my Momentum Mastermind groups, I’m thinking of sharing my “ahas”.

1. Not everyone is motivated or in corporate lingo, “incentivised”.  (Great word…Truly, I couldn’t make this stuff up!)  As I was saying-People have a number of  things that motivate them.  No, it’s not just money.  Discount-helps people buy-money incentive.

In the workforce, discount-might be a day/afternoon off. or a gift card for favorite cafe…Doesn’t have to cost much!  Taking them for coffee/tea shows the boss is acknowledging you, but the boss needs to explain this or else that “special treatment” may backfire!

2. Believe or not, many would be satisfied, (both online for a business as well as offline) with a proverbial “pat on the back.  Online, it’s showing you have the solution for them.  You speak to their needs.

3. Sometimes people need to have the decision out of their hands.  In the workplace, the boss often makes the decisions.  As a coach, potential clients often put the ball in my court and just want to know what to do…If had coaching before, there’s one track and a newbie to the investment for coaching follows another track.  A conversation with me is needed, if they want individual coaching.  I also explain my group coaching programs..

Leadership is often assumed to be only found in the workplace.  There are many different types of  leaders who are responsible entrepreneurs leading the in the self management of business, both online & offline.


What do think?


Self-Management & Leadership — 20 Comments

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