Growing Pains-part II

I’d never thought I would have need for a part 2!  It’s a done deal, right?  A post from 2 days ago is MIA.  I’m posting on wrong site…you don’t know it but there’s a different way to do a … Continue reading

Celebrate your successes!

I’m celebrating.  After many trials & tribulations,I  got it!  I got in  and finally I am able to post a blog post!  Whew! Here it is! 🙂 After a pretty intensive week of learning and growing at the World’s Greatest … Continue reading

The Pink Event- A Woman’s Expo

I was going to miss the Womens’ Expo in Catonsville, so I decided to attend this expo, The Pink Event at BWI Marriott.  The event was coordinated by Diamond Event Services with Tamika Josephs at the helm. Everyone I came … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning – it’s getting rid of things in the “house!”

When I think of Spring cleaning, memories of a friend shaking out her rug to make it look fresher, more appealing something to be proud  of…So, think of doing Spring Cleaning-both outer and your inner’ houses”… Here are my Top … Continue reading

Self-Management & Leadership

I was reading some management newsletters and came across several on leadership.  As a coach and a “sponge”, this appealed to me.   I love to soak up knowledge and adapt this new knowledge share it with my coaching clients, … Continue reading

Procrastination-why lie to yourself?

We have an idiom around procrastination “putting it off til later…”  Guess what?  Later never comes!  I’m working with several clients around just not doing something-hang a picture, bake a cake or even, following up after a networking event or … Continue reading

Attitude is everything! I’m grateful for…(XXlll)

“So, what if, instead of thinking about SOLVING your whole life…You just think about adding additional good things, one at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow!” Isn’t that great-it’s all about attitude-what we think about this … Continue reading