Transitioning my calender to Word A Day!

A friend gave me this calender, A Word A Day!  I tore off many to get to today. As I wend my way through this blog, I was reminded of a very biddable client She was transpontine (situated on South side of the Thames River in London). She was the Comptroller. ( Chief Accountant in a business) That client came from Manchester, outside London.  She was a (Chief Accountant in a business)  She called me her “Overwhelm-Buster! How cool is that?!  I never inveighed against her (To complain or protest vehemently!)  She’d  just seen “.Ghostbusters” and thought of how she is doing well returning to College, her family is pitching in more, and she now goes for walks-sometimes listening to her class notes!  Oh well!  Nobody’s Perfect!  She told me “it was all you who did all her many changes and the whole family seems happier and in better shape:

. Rather than concentrating on a gym membership, she worked on her overall wellness.

It was very rewarding knowing she made lasting changes, but I’m not responsible.  I just helped and gave her the tools to effectively transition to a better quality of life!

I explained that if I take credit for her successes-I’d have to take the responsibility for any failures and I’m not willing to do that!!

I want her to celebrate her successes and learn from her failures.  She still bakes…This is a godcway to   One of her specialties is making zwieback (a sweetened bread enriched with eggs and bakes til it’s dry & crisp!, pronounced like swayback, but with a long “e” zweebak!)

See, it wasn’t dolorous (causing grief or extreme misery)!  Thanks for bearing with me and lettin…encouraging, as i try out my new words!  Can you spot them?  Hint: There are six Word A Day words!  It was a huge transition from my calendar of friendship quotes and my new fun, Word A Day desk calender.


Transitioning my calender to Word A Day! — 26 Comments

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