Overwhelm-is it just the way it is?

I was on the mastermind group I run, their group call-2 members both talked of being too busy,one working til 11pm then driving home and, maybe sleep!  The other says she’s got family and clients both wanting her time-she said she feels “pulled in two directions”.   Three, if taking time for herself!

Come now, who are we kidding?  Who has time to do self-care?  We make the time for what we deem important!  Taking care of me?  A novel concept!  Or are you in so overwhelming a situation?

What is “overwhelm”?  And is it just the way it is? An emphatic-it doesn’t NEED to be!

Three keys to avoiding Overwhelm:

1. Time Management-get a calendar, iCal, a paper one, on your phone, whatever works for you. Select the week at a glance feature.  Andrea J. Lee of WealthyThoughtLeader.com  & a gifted teacher/mentor, talked of setting a WEEKLY not daily To Do list.  She recommends only have 3, many use 5 items on their weekly To Do list… No more than 5 items!  If it’s a simple call “call Frank”or “pick up dry-cleaning”  a quick task that might be good as a daily To Do.  But, if it’s a project-oriented task-hey, not done in 1 day!  Like knitting/crocheting a sweater has several steps: go to store, pick yarn and pattern and needle(s)…think chunking tasks-breaking them down and putting together others…I always say “pretend you’re an alien, how would you want instructions…:)”?   Why should Time Management be a snooze-fest?

Also, still under Time Management-prepare stuff you always need ahead of time.  For example, when I was an employee, we had monthly reports- I was continually updating number seen and workshops presented…These stats were always included.  I just entered new data on  an ongoing basis, rather than some doing it at end of each month by memory…Yeah, right!

Or another example, each time you get new case file, you can have the forms you always use in a folder waiting…Preparation.  Think of examples from your “world”.

2. Breathe-yes, I said, take a breath-hold 2 counts, let it out count of 4-6.  This is  a mini Qi Gong moment. A Dr. in a course I took said, “before breathing deeply-exhale all the bad stuff, this allows you to inhale more fully”.  Try it.  You could close your eyes-No Dozing Off!  and take a few deep breaths-just doing this calms you and combats overwhelm.  I pet my cat in a calm manner-I work at home and can do that!  Entrepreneurs can easily get overwhelmed with new ideas, teachings, programs or books…

You could use a “brain dump” on your computer- set up a file for all your ideas, that way they’re captured so you can really laser in on one idea and stick with it.  Almost all the books I’ve read, the teachings of Andrea J.Lee, Milana Leshinsky and other successful 6-7 figure entrepreneurs that I follow, talk about overwhelm and stand by these ideas.

3. Practice self-care.

Neglect this at your own risk!  Overlooking the state of wellness,, continuing on being on overwhelm could result in health issues, migraines, an overall stressed feeling and more!  I’ll first have my clients focus on the positive by having a “Gratitude” journal, 3-5 things/people you’re grateful for-could be your car started in the cold or sunshine or your husband/partner who always is supportive…

You know my very public “Attitude of Gratitude”.  I show that gratitude attitude by telling people I’m grateful for having them in my life. I treat the honoree, the receiver, to coffee/chai tea and a muffin and blog about them!

Here are some free self-care ideas…Take a walk and/or listen to your favorite music-with your Mp3 player or Pandora.  Light candles, drink a glass of a beverage-wine, diet coke, orange juice…You get the idea. Lie in your bathtub-add bath oils/bubbles or whatever. Take some “Me-time!”

Those are simple strategies you can incorporate to battle overwhelm & be victorious!


Overwhelm-is it just the way it is? — 444 Comments

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