Staying on track-do I really have to do this?

February starts Sunday.  Those resolutions are starting to hang over your head…It’s into 4 or 5 weeks.  The newness,the bright, shiny goal to…fill in the blank has worn off.  No feeling of elation as you expend energy on your goal.   How do you keep going-stay on track?

One of my readers,Dorothy, asked about keeping on track, then, one of my clients talked about the same things!  Hey, I wasn’t surprised.  I’ll often ask?  “Can you do this on your own? Absolutely…But, will you?”

The majority won’t achieve the results they wanted. Do you know why?  They had no accountability. We all need this “push” to keep going and stay motivated!

One of my clients, (my long-term ones) had, switched shoes with her exercise buddy.  My client had to show up or Ann couldn’t work out if she didn’t bring the shoes and if Ann didn’t show, my  client couldn’t work out!  That’s one way to do it.  Put in all your appointments  of which you are aware on a calendar-I use a paper Day At-A-Glance, a Kindle and a word a day on my desk  .Overkill, huh?

I use calendars and  other tools like  a timer to limit working too long on a project, writing, email and social media.  I stay on track that way. I keep myself and others moving forward by hosting – Accountability Fridays, 1st come first-first served. I’m available 9-5 and when you call in, you will get 15 min. laser-focused coaching around their individual issues. That’s also my wring day to work on my book!

Make telling someone of your progress as part of your action plan to achieving your goals.  Some of my clients just briefly call in to tell me what they’re going to do, get feedback, then call back one or two hours later and tell me that they did the task-making 4 cold calls, e-networking, searching 5 job sites, cleaning the living room or going to get her business license. My clients, mostly midlife women, moving toward their goal, makes me love what I do!

That’s another thing to keep you on track-make sure the goal excites you so you want to take action.  That’s what it takes.   Without action, there’s nothing to keep track of!

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