I’m grateful for…(part XXII)

My protegee, Cafini Z has undergone a transformation-and I don’t she’s all grown up!  She’s more centered now, she became a Buddhist and is writing a book on Meditations.  She still does Wellness Coaching locally-You can find her at- RCWhealthcoach.integrativenutrition.com She’s more a Holistic Health and Life Coach.   We caught up and I apologized for, as my younger clients would say, “going off the grid!”

I was her mentor and friend and I just”disappeared.”  More on my dealing with some tough stuff in my book, “Challenge This”-that’s a working title…

We discussed her book and how close she is to finishing it!  That’s exciting and after a  little coaching and coaxing, we set a date for Book Launch!  March 10th where and when will be determined later, I’ll keep you posted!

We spoke about my philosophy for getting anything done.  It’s Ready,Fire,Aim!  I feel giving yourself a goal to be shooting for…You can make it happen…Three weeks ago, I had an idea, wrote my Momentum MasterMind groups Program and picked a date out  all on the flight home from an amazing ReigniteWeekend.com  by Peak Potentials. I sketched it in a book I was reading…Adam Markel with Bill Walsh producing put out an amazing, inspirational book, “The Spirit of Success”!  Adam is the CEO of Peaks and was our trainer at Reignite.

Of course, I recommended a few books.  I’m a sponge and love to soak up knowledge and wisdom.  On Tuesday starting next Tuesday, as many of you have requested in private emails-will no one comment? I’ll review books I’ve read.

See, Ready, Fire, Aim in action!  I just decided, I need a regular blog schedule.  I coach everyone around the idea of scheduling so you actually do it!  We picked a date for her book launch, we start a blog schedule for me…Mon?  Tues-Book Reviews, Wed-guest blogger…that’s it so far!

I announced to Cafini, as goals have a higher rate of achieving them, if written down, percentage goes higher if you tell another, I think my blog audience is a HUGE tell others and make them SMART goals…By Feb. 1st, I’ll have a blog schedule and will post Mon, Feb. 2nd. Again, it’s Ready, Fire, Aim-think all of us as solopreneurs have to do that and work as well as juggle home life/work/parenting/friends/family-sheesh!  It’s exhausting to even think about!  Cafini is a happy newlywed.  So juggling that relationship with writing and her Spirituality + friends and family…

Cafini set her Book Launch and truly felt sick, but better about it.  That’s the overarching theme-feel the fear, but do it anyway!  Thanks, Cafini!


I’m grateful for…(part XXII) — 447 Comments

  1. I will always gently nudge or push you to be your authentic, heart-centered self! I tell my clients this and are surprised to be given “permission” to do so. What we do must be tied to who we are…

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