Coaching and being an Entrepreneur-Transitioning from Transition Chick to Coachpreneur

What is a Coachpreneur? Is it a Coach/Entrepreneur? Or maybe as a friend in Australia says a Fempreneur! my midlife women in transition often where a variety of “hats”!

I was wearing my Teleleader/Interviewer role  and as a Thanks to my readers,(Tues. Jan.13th, yesterday)7pm EST,I’ll have been interviewing another successful Internet Entrepreneur! She’s an Infopreneur, a Mompreneur and also an Entrepreneur and another Coachpreneur and like 65%  of coaches are Coachpreneurs, like us!  Pam will share how she went from drowning in bills to having a business that allows her time  for kayaking, hiking and nature walks.  Go to You must sign up even though it’s free, to reserve your seat! And not to worry, Pam is now my co-facilitator (yet, another “hat” we share.  I’ve left the site up to register so, at least you’ll get the recording!  4 actually attended, but twice that registered!  Get the recording-and hear our special discounted offers.  The women-only Momentum Mastermind starts Monday, Jan. 19th at 8pm EST/5pm PST for an hour-these calls are also recorded.  I explained all the benefits you get for low introductory price/investment of $17 for First 30 days then $47/month and discounts for both 6 and the year-paid in advance! only 18 spots left-our starting group is just about full!  Hurry and grab your spot-all are conference calls-but, better Live plus on April 10, 2015, investment in yourself goes up-$97/month or 197/monthly and 6 and 12 months in advance yields you a guaranteed spot!  On March 12th is our Momentum MasterMind groups-a men only! Open to late afternoon/eves on Tues/Thurs-out of 20 spots-now only 17 left and it’s filling up-I’ll have a male co-Facilitator.same low introductory investment,Networking Community online, like the women,24/7 Instant access! For complete details see Momentum blog post from yesterday! Our web site should be under construction and LIVE shortly www.MomentumMaserMind or for now contact me!  On Facebook at Transition Chick-Marcia Merrill or to talk to you! 🙂

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