Momentum MasterMind groups help with transitions

I am so psyched. Why,you might ask…My Momentum MasterMind group for women is almost full. 19 spots left!
I designed this group for midlife women to create a Faster Learning Environment, providing a monthly conference call that is recorded so you can listen whenever you have time.  I felt women often are juggling children, a career avd/or  business..this is all online, a. Closed Facebook group of like-minded women.  I created these groups from what I liked best about my mastermind groups.  You get the instant access to the community like a “Think Tank”, Accountability Fridays I’m available 9-5 est for calls 15 minutes-laser-focused coaching.  You also get 30 days for $17/month and after,$47/monthly, 100% Money Back Guarantee if you actively participate and still don’t see the value,I’ll give your money back, no questions asked!  I

want this invitation to be a ” No Brainer”.
Imagine sitting in your home/office…Setting and Achieving your goals/Resolutions!  This could be your Best year.  For the next 2 weeks, our web site is under construction…So email me at m.merrill9@verizon. net
Please put in Subject line: Momentum MasterMind. We will open second MasterMind group for women,either Tues/Thursday afternoon or eves starting in a few weeks.  Also a mens’ MasterMind group starting in March! $17 first 30 days,then,$47/monthly. 6 months & 1 year special discounts…It will never be this low price again so lock it in and I reserve your spot Now!

Let me tell you I designed these groups during a six hour flight.  I’ve told you how great Reignite weekend in LA.  I didn’t have paper with me -so I wrote in a book I got as a Premium attendee.  I was so inspired!
The book,Spirit of Success,by CEO of Peak Potentials.  I joined their MasterMind group…not $47/month-not even close!  So I wrote in the margins and in the back! 
I forgot to say why me!?  In my About me, it shows I have over a decade in my own business, LovingLife!TM 16 in a college career center where I was a webmaster/Career Advisor,then Assistant Director/Career Librarian. and LifeTransitions as I counseled alumni professionals,graduate students and MBA students.
My co- Facilitator, Pam McLellan  is a certified Life Coach, Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, in a successful lifestyle business.  Like me,Pam has led & been a part of several masterminds.  So, you. get 2 coaches and experienced leaders/guides.
Midlife women in Transition really need and deserve self-care.  I’m also the author of Turning Mid-life Into The RIGHT Life! eBook instant access just download $37 soon to be published & available on Kindle!
I’m beginning a 2 part series on The Transition Cycle.  Stay Tuned!

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