Turning Resolutions into Goals (part II)

After, the tree is down and a back to work atmosphere tells you the holiday season is over until next year.  Time to focus on those resolutions you made.

Yesterday, we spoke about writing down specific descriptions of each goal you plan to accomplish.  Now,we’ll look at the numbers, the quantity to figure out when the goals are happening and how on track you are.

We need to be specific about each goal you’ve written down.  So, our example of Lose weight-specify the poundage of weight loss-20 lbs.  Okay, this is measurable.  Now, how about for the goal of having more money.  Still, isn’t clear if we’ll rob a bank, take a 2nd job or…Ok- now our goal is say an extra ten thousand dollars.  We’re still not focusing on how.

We are making our goals specific and measurable.  These are exactly like the exercises I work on in my groups or my inner circle mastermind group.  Stay tuned as you  learn to how to take resolutions and make them clear goals in Part III.

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