Blogging-pays to schedule ahead!

I try to stay on topic, but, I was so tickled ( who says that, anymore?)  My boomer roots are showing…Seriously, there is a function on most blog platforms, least there was on Typepad and when I switched to much preferred, WordPress, there is a fantastic feature called scheduling!  Luckily,yesterday morning, I just got in the “zone” and wrote 3 posts!  You’ve been reading them, not this one-it’s live!

Best laid plans…I was about to workout and grabbed a banana to go upstairs and change!  That banana did me in!  I lost my balance-hey, when dealing with a disability of poor balance/coordination/loss of equilibrium…well, I went to grab the banister-the 2nd one-one on each side of the staircase.  I grabbed for it but my banana got in the way and I couldn’t catch myself using just the right!  Long story short-fell down 10 hardwood stairs and in ER, got 9 staples-the oddest feeling…The doctor says the majority of accidents that need stitches but that many Dr’s prefer staples!  It really looks like a stapler, too.  Now I know how a sheaf of papers might feel!

Resting and Percoset-working an hour…ok, an hour and 1/2!  So,without this “confession”, you’d never know!

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