NLP & Coaching

These two things-Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching are often confused…and confusing!  True, they do have some characteristics in common.  Both are concerned with the outcome.  They are outcome-oriented and the focus is 100% on the customer!  That means the customer’s … Continue reading

Saying “NO” Why is it so hard for some/easy for others?

I’ve been getting messages about saying “no”.  I’m not talking about  hallucinations or delusions!  I’m in a teleseminar on a COMPLETELY different topic except she relates it to caring for yourself-establishing boundaries…and saying no. I guess I get it. I … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(part XXII)

My protegee, Cafini Z has undergone a transformation-and I don’t she’s all grown up!  She’s more centered now, she became a Buddhist and is writing a book on Meditations.  She still does Wellness Coaching locally-You can find her at- … Continue reading

Everone contributes-shared wisdom, that’s Global MasterMind International! I’m grateful for…(parts XI-XX)

Think of a MasterMind group as your personal Board of Directors and you scratched the surface.  Yes, I have Montum MasterMind groups-but, where did I “borrow” the idea and make it mine?  Why the Global MasterMind, of course! 🙂  Imitation … Continue reading

Fabulous Women’s Luncheon at the Bluestone-I’m grateful for…(parts VIII-XI, at least!)

There I was going to a networking luncheon I found on Facebook!  The Bluestone in Timonium,MD was very nice-a very kind hostess led me to 2 smiling women, Wendy Elover & Judy Pressman, who I’d heard talk maybe 8-9 years … Continue reading