How To Enjoy the Holidays and Triumph Over Stress!

I know…You probably believe it’s a rule that holidays seem to always be stressful!  Start by setting an intention to not be a last-minute shopper and if that “ship has already sailed” just breathe and plan how many hours, what stores you need to shop in and where to buy/make healthy foods-people are more irritable and stressed when forced to skip meals  and eat fatty foods instead of having nuts and fruits and, yes, carrot and celery sticks! We tend to overeat due to unrealistic ideals of the holidays-these only lead to disappointment as you try to do everything!  And, perfectly …

To go to every party,  host your own, attend the Holiday Pageant at your child’s school and send out cards  to all the family and friends…In other words, trying  to “do it all” AND bake dozens of cookies!

Come on, a dose of reality is needed to avoid dreading this time of year!  Make good memories, don’t get carried away by the hype.  That might affect your mood as well as your sleep!

Get plenty of rest-write down what you have to do the next day so sleep does not evade you and becomes a bout of insomnia!

Breathe and admire the lights.  Happy Holidays!


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