What if you don’t feel merry?

All the Holiday hustle and bustle can really dampen your day.  Fighting for a parking spot, making yourself go shopping, but really not into it…Going through the motions…not very merry and you’re tired of faking it.

Many psychologists agree the Holidays may be a depressing time of year…  I suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The early darkness depresses me and I need a therapeutic lamp about 15 minutes a day.  Tough to be merry, when you’re depressed!

For some, money just isn’t plentiful and only the kids get gifts.  Some rely on the generosity of others as Holiday Baskets with food , warm clothing, and toys arrive…  Some radio stations play non-stop Christmas carols and everywhere you go, the checkout cashier wishes you Happy Holidays.

Don’t wanna be a “scrooge/grinch” whichever you prefer.  The mere fact we have names for the un-merry says it all…

Whatever you feel about the season, good, bad, or indifferent is truly okay.


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