Took away so much at “Never Work Again Supercourse!”

I got back late on 14th and was so energized, at 8:15am, I was ready to Rock n’ Roll!

What can I say?  Great speakers talked of passive income opportunities, but, it wasn’t a salesy pitch.  Each speaker gave content, too.  You could easily have been caught up in the “buy everything ” frenzy and one woman I know, did!  I don’t know how she’ll find the time to work as she’ll be studying and going to conference calls!  But, she was in the minority.  Many kept their credit cards in their wallet, but took away lots of valuable content.  A lunch speaker had about 45 mins. to explain the funnel , cascading content/information.  Really talked up Google Adsense/Adwords/ which points to this blog and as well points here…I explained this and this pretty powerful & generous guy, Jay Berkowitz at (not an affiliate link!) just a nice guy.  He gave all who attended his lunch talk a copy of his”Ten Free Strategies for Internet Marketing”-I devoured it on my return flight on Sun. the 14th!

There were publish, real estate, web sites gurus, as well as Marcia (love that name!)

Wieder who talked about her Dream Coach certification and did some laser coaching.  Your most painful wound is often your greatest strength!  Pretty profound.

On Jan. 10-11 is explains it all.  It’ll be a great way to kick-off 2015!  It’s in LA & as it’s FREE, register now.  Even, if you don’t plan on going, it’s worth looking at the page!  Jay Berkowitz is PeakPotentials Internet Consultant.

And the Millionaire Mind Intensive-calendar at  These are all over the US & Canada-use 40205, my number so you’re not charged $100 if you bail!  But, really don’t!  It’swell worth going and committing to an eye-opening weekend analyzing your relationship with money and how early messages helped shape your Financial Blueprint-positively or negatively…

PeakPotentials’ mission is Personal Development and helping you become Financially Free.

If this resonates at all, you deserve to check it out!  Networking is Not a Dirty Word, ,(part II.) will be here tomorrow!  Stay Tuned.


Took away so much at “Never Work Again Supercourse!” — 17 Comments

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