Golden rules of Self-care and surviving the Holidays!

As a wise man once said “Don’t let yourself get too hungry ,too angry, too lonely or too tired!” Anonymous   I got it off my Sayings A Day calendar.  It’s very cool – there are no years so you can use it again & again!  My friend (part X), Jane Gregoire gave it to me…13-14 years ago!  Thanks!

Let’s return to the idea of self-care.  Feeding your body and nurturing your soul is important for any time.  Self-care, really your wellness has an impact on others.  Just taking a deep, cleansing breath…repeat 3 times.-fights stress, slows you down, gives you a chance to stop and admire the decorations!  This little breathing moment contributes to your overall sense of wellness and models for others, your family, coworkers…

Self-care is vital for the often stressful Holiday season.  We put pressure on ourselves to find that “perfect gift.”  And get depressed & frazzled with all the hustle and bustle!  Try to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.  Donate some clothes, toys,and money or your time to a local shelter.  You’ll feel more connected,too.  I know, another thing to do!

Working, shopping, dealing/enjoying, this can can impact your health both physical and in your soul!  Nourish all aspects of that mind/body/spirit relationship!  Taking the time to check in with yourself and being  mindful of your needs is critical. During the holiday season, you can become sick, get a cold or spike a fever.  I was always sick at Christmas-run down from studying for finals, I held of being ill until that last one.  I came home to chaos.  They waited for us, (I stayed with my boyfriend and his family) to help go out and chop down the Christmas tree!  Of course, then, we decorated it and decided where it would go.  By that time, I just lay on couch, coughing and sneezing and generally awful.  I missed everything-Christmas Eve Mass, opening 1 gift that night, and the holiday, basically.  A little self-care before might have helped

Don’t get me wrong, I love this season, most often reading a book inside-much warmer!  Cocoa’s good, too.   I guess taking care of yourself first and then, taking care of others’ needs…Women are the worst at gifting a season with wellness  ) self-care.  Everyone should get into the habit of  self-care…Managing the frenetic pace is the key.  How best to do this/  Self-care.


Golden rules of Self-care and surviving the Holidays! — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah, I probably should have read this before you even wrote it! Hosting a party and a holiday dinner in one week, working extended hours, and not keeping up with sleep/meds/food/water…by Dec. 5th I was done in. (Sinus infection, wheezing, sore throat…)Every year I swear it will be different. I have spent so many lonely Christmas Eves and Christmas Days on the couch (pretty much the opposite of MERRY!). Do you or your readers have practical tips on how to stay on track? Thanks!

  2. Dorothy!
    Thanks for your comments. Sounds as if you found the consequences when we don’t build self-care into the hustle and bustle of life-let alone the holidays! As for keeping on track, I tell my coaching clients to start writing realistic to do lists! Meaning 5-7 things max. Don’t set yourself up for failure and the joy felt as you cross it off your list! I wrote of this and down your yearly, weekly, monthly and yearly goals-don’t wait til Dec. 31st! A goal not written down is only a wish. And don’t forget to build in meals and breaks-even 15-20 minutes, walk around the office, your home…This is not the time to check any Facebook, Lined in…Social Media…This is Me-Time! Write in meals,too. And many of my clients have used a timer to keep them on task-there is an app for a kitchen timer for smart phones, set your computer alarm or phone alarm as on breaks you’ll be away from your computer! Let me know if this helps. You’ve given me a good article topic-thanks! Leave a comment so we’ll know how it worked! In Abundance! Marcia

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