I am Transition Chick, Hear me Roar!

Ok, many of you think of Helen Reddy and “I am Woman!”  Great song.  Then, along comes a Millenial, 20 something and says  “oh, that’s soo cool, you’re making a play on words with…(wait for it!) Katy Perry!”  Well, first, I’m “cool”.  Second, say “well, also Helen Reddy”…”Who??  She had a song on That 70’s Show.”  Thunk, the “arrow” scored a great hit!

We remember, don’t we?  Before I wax nostalgic, I’ll tell you why I’m “roaring.”  The simple truth is I’m frigging proud of me!  We often don’t think much of themselves…So, I’m “tootin’ my own horn”…Will Rogers said “It ain’t braggiin, if you done it!”  I done it!

I re-launched  &  re-branded my business and it’s working!  I went to an Extravaganza for the Holidays.

for MCDA, Maryland Career Development Association, and a colleague, Janet Blount said-“you’re the Transition Chick!”  I smiled my Cheshire cat grin…”Yes I Am!”  I wanted to roar!  Someone read my Linkedin bio.  How cool is that?

We talked of mentoring and the program I ran and how she is in charge of this and my business and…She knew, read my LinkedIn profile(Everyone in business and  especially job seekers)  It’s like a Facebook for professionals!  And great groups to join. Think e-networking and learning who the “movers & the shakers” are and can follow all they write on…

So, I proudly claim that I’m a midLife woman and being The “Transition  Chick !”  Fall in Love with your LIFE and your work in THAT order!”And the fans go wild…


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