Making the same Resolutions again?

I’ve said it before but I’ll really stress this…I don’t make Resolutions, I craft goals instead.  Here’s why:  January is a quiet month- time for having credit card shock & buyers’ remorse.  January is a hugely busy month for me, … Continue reading

Everyone should be childlike & selfish! Are you?

Wow-bet you think I’ve lost my mind!  I assure you I haven’t.  In fact, I am proud to say, yes, I am selfish and strive every day to be as child-like as I can.  Here’s why. 1. Children readily express … Continue reading

Networking is NOT A Dirty Word! (part III) Following up…

As I wrote yesterday’s part II post.  I realized I wanted to break networking down further. All we’re talking today is about follow up techniques or put simply:what to do after a networking event?  Here’s how I coach my clients … Continue reading

I’m now, a “Baby”- transitions to a new platform…

My business, well, my web site is undergoing a transition!  I promised I’d keep you “in the loop” about being a solo-entrepreneur…I follow an info-products/coaching practice model…behind the scenes, I’m creating e-books, home study courses, CDS,  audio books…you name it!  … Continue reading