Help! My domain is being “held hostage!”

You know how thrilled you are when you get the domain you so wanted to start off your journey of entrepreneurship!!  Well, when you are informed you need to show a color photo ID and documentation showing you are your business…I started in 2004,I had to dig to find the paperwork!   Yeah, now, I’ve learned the hard way,not to treat those licenses so lightly…I won’t reveal either the domain hosting company or that old domain.  As soon as I wrest it away, it’ll point to my blog-my new simplified web site!  Right now, as of Nov. 28, 20 14, the hosting company has a “placeholder.”  Does it say “under construction” ONLY?  No, and this REALLY ticks me off!  They have their page with affiliate links if you buy something-that’s called, bamboozling!  The marketing theory is   Affiliate Marketing!!  I will always be transparent about that!  I’ll say right now things I recommend, books to read, programs, eBooks, Internet classes, they will be affiliate links!  There, I transparently told you!

I now almost have my domain back!  I scanned in my sales license and some paper that says I was doing business as (dba)…doing a dba after shelling out big bucks to be an LLC (since then, simplified and am now,a sole proprietor) I digress…I got an email, neither confirming nor denying my claim, but giving me a link where I can make changes and a phone number to call when I have a problem-it only took 3 weeks to get to this point!  All it said was they updated my account’s new e-mail.  Sheesh!  Stay tuned!

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