I’m a Career Expert, Are you?

Sheesh! At Brain Day, 10 of us gathered to brainstorm on various topics career-related & what we plan for the future in the Career Development field…As Career Thouught leaders, we are inn the unique place where our thoughts can & will create a Career destiny and that’s exciting and challenging!  None of these brainstorming activities warrant a sheesh.  But, when I think of the running joke among Career Counselors is that everyone who has ever interviewed, wrote a thank you letter or even went on Monster and/or Career Builde  LinkedIn has all the networking contacts, like a Facebook for professionals, and those job sites have employer information as well as online applications where you can attach your resume…

Having been in the Career Development field since the late eighties, I believe I’ve accumulated some wisdom concerning resumes as well as the Job Search process.  But, if the resume got a job out of all that, suddenly, the successful interviewee can now pontificate while the rest of us bow down to this new authority on all this related to the Job Search profess.  Do I sound sarcastic?  Yep.  Well, I guess by now  you have  realized that I’ve encountered the “career counselor.”

Beware!  They may have succeeded, but that does not mean that they can offer truly helpful advice? Maybe/Maybe Not.  But, before you listen, try to get a sense of how truly helpful assistance works and evaluate results.  Check out who the experts really are and see how expert they can be.


I’m a Career Expert, Are you? — 363 Comments

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