Calories vs. Categories …Tee Hee!

I think I’ve been working too long today-besides breakfast & late lunch break-I’m going on a 12 hour workday.  That’s the excuse I’m going with…if anyone asks.  My VA (virtual assistant who’s not completely virtual-she lives 45 ish minutes away!) Kim sent me a Facebook message-she’s categorizing all my blog posts in one of six categories…But, I read ” I added the calories to your blog…”  I read it through twice and still Calories!  Now, I’m often working alone if, Clark, my Telecom/IT geek husband often telecommutes so, he might be downstairs at one of his computers…He hears me laughing hysterically…and he’s mystified.  I try to pull it together & try to explain what happened…I can’t, I’m bustin’ a gut!

Humor is incredibly important.  In “Patch Adams”, Robin Williams dressed like a clown like the doctor he was playing; even though Patch was a brilliant doctor, he had a fun, and funny “bedside manner.” Cancer patients are often shown Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy and they would laugh and report that they weren’t  in pain as often.  They reported that they’ve felt less nauseated, more ready to face the next and survive but,better, yet… They expected you to be  a hands-off kind of patient, do and obey…In times of stress,people crave a reason to feel like laughing instead of crying.

As a solo-entrepreneur,mistakes happen.  Not any of us is/are(?) perfect.  Are sounds better.  Any grammar question, please  ignore this blogger!  I often reveal my mistake on my timeline or the Keeping It Real group-the one with 27 members !  Yep-you heard me, I accidentally must have hit submit twice! 🙂 Too funny! You gotta laugh!  I made a duplicate group.  I left hoping to delete the group-only 1 lone member and they(those Facebook gurus) get to take charge…It’s  my group/my fault,,,my blunders and oopses   They say,”Laughter IS the best medicine!  I take it daily, if not hourly…I want my coaching clients, I’m not perfect nor should they be.  Success is how  you see it, your filter by which youlland failure is a great learning opportunity!

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