Do you know anyone with an invisible illness,would you know??

My friend, Yvette, had this great quote and I stole (borrowed) it to share with you, ok?

“Living With an Invisible Illness”  After the title, which is powerful in and of itself, I’m paraphrasing and adding from my experience… It’s hard to explain your struggles to someone who has never known what you face daily. Feeling in pain,unwell and putting on a brave front so that no one could guess,you’re crying one would ever know the agony!

There are many “invisible” illnesses: Crohn’s, Diabetes, PTSD, Anxiety, Heart Disease, Lupus, Cancer, MS, Fybromyalgia. Autism, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy and Depression and on & on…I can, personally attest to how devastating it can be!  Not even wanting to get a shower, dress eat or even hold an intelligent conversation.  I’ve been on both ends the friend of a depressive and the one who’s condition is a constant reason  that everyone-family/friends get worried.  The others feel so helpless.  You don’t get to judge what you don’t understand is how the saying ends…Please share this with others, show you’re trying to understand!  In Abundance!

Marcia Merrill,JCTC, M.Ed, MS

Career/Life Transition Coach aka the Transition Chick! TM  Fall in LOVE with your Life and work(In that order)

Join me  in Keeping It Real!  When you do what you say you’re going to do! Accountability in Action!   It’s a group on Facebook.  I’m doing a GoFundMe page for a Down in her Luck,friend and need to write some of my new book-“From Employee to “Own Boss”, A Solo-Entrepreneur’s Journey” or something like that!  It’s a working title!


Do you know anyone with an invisible illness,would you know?? — 2 Comments

  1. I love this! I can totally relate, we all are dealing with something others don’t know about therefore we should learn to respect one another and remain open to learning about who someone is before judging or assuming!

  2. Absolutely, Christina-mutual respect as well as unconditonal support and love ,both from loved ones, but also, of ourselves. Often, we look on the surface! I encourage my coaching clients to dig deep-Do you feel worthy or should you be judged and found wanting? Now, I know my next post! Thanks! In Abundance! Marcia

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