I’m learning, growing & changing my “brand”

I have been in Career/Life Transition Coaching, in some form or other most of my life!  As a business…about 10 years…I’m going full-out, and know my life purpose, and changing into what I am, have always been…Someone might say-“She’s claiming … Continue reading

Perceptions of a CareerTransition…

Filters or looking through a lens are ways to describe perceptions on a perspective.  If one of my Transitions coaching clients’ says-“I’ll never get a job-I’m too skinny/old,fat/young and when she applies & doesn’t get the interview…she’ll almost gleefully point … Continue reading

Why should I spend a weekend talking about money?

Talking about money is taboo in many households.  Often, those money messages may, in fact,  influence our behavior and  our financial management. That is one premise for learning our money blueprint…You’ll get all that and more! Register for Millionaire Mind … Continue reading