Career Hero must save the day…

It’s getting down to the wire!  My "Career Hero" animated video has to be finished -but, as they say…It’s not "ready for prime time" … Not yet…Now, I have a ~1 min video with more to come!  You can watch it on my web site
This is my project I’ve been working on for almost 90 days-really, not that long!  My team-mate & animator is a good friend I met 2 products ago!  Susan Harris AKA SuZanne Reed is soo creative!

Bet you’re wondering why is this in a Transitions blog…Transition is change. Coaching is about change & how you handle it.  It may involve a new mindset, keeping in Action!  We break it into easily "digestible" bits of info.  With guidance while continually supporting you, I am your Coach & I want to , know I can & have seen clients find a job/Lifestyle that forwards your goals/dreams!

I believe you can Live the Life You Deserve…That’s what I’m doing…& I’ll show you ways you can do just that!

In Abundance!
Marcia the Transition Chick!


Career Hero must save the day… — 20 Comments

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