Does a blog exist if nobody reads it?

I’m wondering if I should continue blogging…Frankly, I’m discouraged.  I see the stats-somebody’s reading it!  I get questions sent directly to me-not comments so we could have a dialogue and others might benefit… Thanks for listening to this rant! In … Continue reading

Change is inevitable…Growth is optional… I chose to grow…Did a WordPress blog for my Product Team showcasing all our growth-product-wise…Check it out!  Back to usual topics soon! 🙂 In Abundance! Marcia -Listen at my Media Room-I’m on another radio show! Listen at or … Continue reading

Career Hero must save the day…

It’s getting down to the wire!  My "Career Hero" animated video has to be finished -but, as they say…It’s not "ready for prime time" … Not yet…Now, I have a ~1 min video with more to come!  You can watch … Continue reading

Information products, what are they & why do I need any…

I had no clue what information products were or even that they existed!  Not unusual.  Whether I’m coaching on transitions or marketing-career-wise…your resume, presentation ie. interviewing & first & last impressions… "selling yourself"! For the solopreneur, marketing takes on a … Continue reading

Animation,book signings & Radio Show, Oh my!

Life is on warp-speed!  In a week, I’ll have an animated video-Career Hero-you can see a quick YouTube video at my web site!   Scroll about 1/3 way down-on right!  Why am I telling you all this?  It’s all about Transitions!  … Continue reading