5 Guaranteed Ways to blow an interview…

I’m all about helping my clients with job search "roller coaster".  My Get Hired Now Teleseries  (http://www.eCareerCorner.com/transitions/gethired.htm)is designed to combine accountability with support & guidance all in a small group(6 people max!) environment!

We speak of interviewing Do’s & Dont’s-folks always remember the Donts! 🙂

These are sure things, GUARANTEED to bomb in an interview!

1.    Be negative!  Find something to complain about-the traffic, the job requirements…Whining works wonders, too!

2.    Exaggerate what your skills are-so what, if you don’t know EXCEL…you can fake it, right?  Wrong!
Now, if you’ve worked with similar programs, learned quickly, feel confident you will quickly be proficient-fine…But saying you’re an EXCEL expert?  Not!

3.    Talking, but not listening to the interviewer’s questions.  After all, every interview is the same, so why listen anyway?  The interview can be a conversation-talking & listening-2 ears, 1 mouth-Think about it!

4.    Be such a cocky "know-it-all!  Strengths?  Of course, you have a ton!  Weaknesses-never!  Not any!   You have nothing to learn…You’re a perfect person!  No one is…

5.    Just go in cold.  You’re good at thinking on your feet, right?  Why be prepared?

BONUS-Make sure your references never check out-better yet, lie on your resume and about your past work history!

If you do ANY of these, the interviewer’s radar is alerted!  Do all of these & guaranteed, you’ll get to do it all again…you’ll still be interviewing…

How many are you "guilty" of?

In Abundance!
Marcia The Transition Chick!
Career/Life Transitions Coach

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