What not to do in an interview or in life…

DON’T be a pest!  Following up even twice but not day after day!  That’s quite ok!  But repeated calls-after told you didn’t get that job-made that transition to a different career…It’s even fine to call and ask for feedback to learn from about the interview-they may give it to you!  If not, by all means, don’t call again-give it a week at least!  I
just got my THIRD full of hype canned phone call from a well-known
internet marketing guru!  I recently spoke on a Team call for this
(products class I’m in)of how I really despise recorded phone call
messages from the
mega stars in my field.  I know Internet Marketing isn’t the only way…nor is calling cold to get interviews!  You do get talked of and must be ready to be shot down or speak to the hiring manager…

YOUR EMAILS AND MESSAGE MACHINE should be representative of you-same for your email address…stinky4ever is hardly a good first impression.  you have to be there even when you’re not alone!   I have a pet peeve with Internet-marketing!  The personal touch… Not being really there and hawking a new program by recording??  I don’t feel unique,
special or all warm & fuzzy and I’m very likely to not hang on to
even listen to the tinny well-crafted marketing hype!

I think they’ve just lost touch with their customers and it’s just a numbers game…Not personal at all.

My teachers of this class talk about helping the customer consume your product, emailing or
calling( REALLY CALLING!) & asking how they’re doing so far-giving helpful
hints- on the phone or through autoresponders -shopping cart system, on how to get the most out of the ebook,
program, mp3 set…whatever.

I had a question about his BlogWild
affiliate-something didn’t work… (now it does!) Andy Wibbels-super blog guru-get his book !  He called me-and it was really
him…to check I got everything all right.
I bought Mastering Camtasia & Chris Austin, the creator, personally phoned to see how I was doing.
Mitch, a cool info-products and Internet Marketing guru has called to see how I liked his coaching program and Michael Port, the guy to call when you’re tired of thinking small… has responded personally to emails.

That’s impressive.  I know how happy my customers get & how shocked they are that I called or replied…

Customer service is important-I think even more important in this digital world!

(Links are my affiliate ones, but I’m a happy customer or I wouldn’t recommend them!)

so, remember to smile, be sincere-you did lots for creating a warm, fuzzy feeling

People hire folks they have trust and feel the open-endedness but still want skilled workers

In Abundance!

Marcia Merrill


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