4 Hour Work Week-Don’t forget customer service is not just emails and canned phone call hype…

I just got my THIRD full of hype canned phone call from a well-known internet marketing guru!  I recently spoke on a Team call for this (products class I’m in)of how I really despise recorded phone call messages from the
mega stars in my field.  I know Internet Marketing isn’t the only way.

not being really there and hawking a new program?  I don’t feel unique,
special or all warm & fuzzy and I’m very likely to not hang on to
even listen to the tinny well-crafted marketing hype!

I think they’ve just lost touch with their customers and it’s just a numbers game…Not personal at all.

My teachers of this class talk about helping the customer consume your product, emailing or
calling( REALLY CALLING!) & asking how they’re doing so far-giving helpful
hints- on the phone or through autoresponders -shopping cart system, on how to get the most out of the ebook,
program, mp3 set…whatever.

I had a question about his BlogWild
affiliate-something didn’t work… (now it does!) Andy Wibbels-super blog guru-get his book !  He called me-and it was really
him…to check I got everything all right.
I bought Mastering Camtasia & Chris Austin, the creator, personally phoned to see how I was doing.
Mitch, a cool info-products and Internet Marketing guru has called to see how I liked his coaching program and Michael Port, the guy to call when you’re tired of thinking small… has responded personally to emails.

That’s impressive.  I know how happy my customers get & how shocked they are that I called or replied…

Customer service is important-I think even more important in this digital world!

(Links are my affiliate ones, but I’m a happy customer or I wouldn’t recommend them!)

Climbing off my soapbox now…smile





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