Blogging’s not just for entrepreneurs…

Ever hear of digital dirt?  That’s when your blog or comments on another blog or an unfavorable article online or misquote-it’s there!  But, did you know that 60-70%of employers Google their candidates!

Showing your expertise-writing about your field of interest makes for a compelling blog post!
Many employers/coworkers may find your blog & read bits.  And with Andy Wibbels EasyBake weblogs course
was soo worth it!  Through easy, step-by-step classes-all by phone & an online forum to use to connect &  get ongoing feedback from other colleagues & Andy, on occassion.  I am so glad i took this blogging course-I set up my first blog ever in 15 mins-now, i do another one, too.  Both using Typepad.  Take his blogging course-starts Mon.  Here’s my affiliate link for his blogging course.

So, what are you waiting for-can you do it without someone  helping you make connections-may lead to a job!

In Abundance!
Marcia the Transition Chick!

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