Staying positive while feeling stuck!

This summer has been one of flus, viruses, colds & falls.  I fell last week-forgive my absence!


We often feel overwhelmed so we don’t even try
to begin. Is it hard to start?  Of course it is! I won’t lie to you!  Many speak of this-I’m here to say feeling stuck is natural.  Staying stuck doesn’t help.

Not starting, results in feeling “stuck”. I hear this all the time. I know we feel that we’re the only one…but,
hey many say they feel stuck! About
90-95% of my new clients tell me that’s why they decided to get coaching.

Starting’s the hard part. It takes
courage to even say to yourself-I’m beginning. It may be the 5th time-it may be your very first-it’s like
doing anything that is a change…Quitting fried foods, beginning an exercise
program, deciding to leave a job, go & find a career that fits. start a business…They’re all beginnings and a
change from what was-what we’ve grown accustomed to…

As a writer & teacher, I know the horrors of the blank page & feeling
stuck-somewhat lost as how to begin… I know what I’m meant to do-I love coaching
and am a Transitions expert. I dread
thinking of that unwritten speech or the product/service yet to be invented,
the books I’ve yet to write & the teleclasses I’ve yet to offer.  I’m a creator/innovator  & know it’s natural to be stuck in the place of beginning. And,
of course, everyone who wants to change-be it job/career, being a
solo-entrepreneur or in “transition” is the creator of their own life! We can get so stuck there that we don’t even

What if what I write/draw/speak and it (pardon my French!) sucks? What if my family/friends say I’m nuts for
leaving this job/marriage/town? What if they laugh at me starting/running a
But, so what? How will you know you can do it-if you never
begin? It’s a given, some time, you will
FAIL, be a total flop-close on Opening Night! (I’m a theatre buff!) What would happen if we just came to terms
that Failure is possible-even probable…So is fear of this. But, as one of my favorite quotes-reminds
us…Feel the Fear & do it anyway! 

Especially, when it comes to the job search.  It’s hard not to feel hopeful after a good interview…depressed after a not so interview!  But, the mere act of starting the job search "roller coaster" and refusing to mope at home just relying on the online job boards…Hey, there’s more to the job search than online.  It’s networking.  It’s putting yourself out there & you’re going to hear no.  That’s a given.
 Now, all pressure is off.

Failure is a part of success, but if we don’t risk failure enough we may not be
as successful as we could be.

In Abundance!



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