Career change & airplanes…

An airline nightmare happened to me last Sun…been recovering-I don’t travel well-so…last week is a blur!
I only wanted to get to Baltimore from Houston!  Here’s what happened…

I’m waiting to hear my flight is boarding-no such luck!  So, an hour later, they confess there’s a mechanical problem…40 mins go by-the plane is out of commission-Flight’s cancelled-"please form 1 line to get rerouted!"
2 hours later, I finally get my turn with one of the 2 airline reps.  Poor woman, she gamely tried to be clerk/customer service and traffic cop-as people jockeyed for position and stole space in front of others!

Obviously, this called for another system!  So, while she valiantly tried to get me out, I thought what an opportunity this was for an enterprising, aware, job-seeker!

The savvy candidate could have sympathized with the reps’ plight, told her how down he was about the job search…Made her feel better-at least she’s got a job!  And now is disposed to being helpful, proving a contact, maybe she’s buddies with friend in HR?  Networking can occur any time!

THE JOB SEEKER ALSO CLEARLY UNCOVERED A NEED!  Uncovering what needs you can fill can also be a part of the job search equation.

So, as the rep/ticket agent labored and finally surrendered to fact I won’t be getting home tonight…she gave me a voucher for meal  and hotel!

Why tell you this?  Every encounter is an opportunity.  Who knows?  You may just  find that perfect job that FITS with the skills you have and love to do!

In Abundance!
Marcia  the Transition Chick!

PS I made it home!  Don’t fly A-, rhymes with harrigan!

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