Just what does abundance look like to you?

I’m in a state of transition-almost everybody is moving away from something & toward another.  I’v renamed my ezine-In Abundance:Marcia Merrill Muses on Transitions, Careers, Life & Stuff!  This is perfect & sums up my culling resources-a client said-I was a human google! 🙂  Each issue has at least one article on Career Change, Life Transitions & the Transition Cycle & other topics related to those themes.

I always close my emails with In Abundance!  But, what does that mean to you?  I’m all about “Law of Attraction” & The Secret…others, abundance stems from positive thinking-no Law of Attraction/spirituality for them!

So, please share your abundance definition!

In Abundance!

Marcia Merrill,CCMC,JCTC
Marcia the Transition Chick!
Career/Life Transitions Coach
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