Do you have info-products or plan to for your business?

This is a huge transition for me…I coach midlife/boomer women on Career & Life transitions…And I can say it’s a scary, wonderful, exciting, uncomfortable place to be! Of course, I know this-after all, I am known as the Transition Chick!  … Continue reading

What age do you have to be, to be in “midlife”?

Recently, I was interviewed on v1370AM-WomanTalkLive! Hear podcasts-Listen Live! Many of my coaching clients are in midlife. What does that mean? Many experts say anywhere from 28-60+, you can experience a “midlife crisis”-It’s all in your perspective…Midlife is a … Continue reading

You deserve a break today!

I’m a busy solopreneur-don’t get me wrong…I’m not griping!  I love helping midlife/boomer women in Career/Life Transitions! And, I work hard & play hard-it’s a constant struggle to maintain balance in my life! When I coach my clients, we always … Continue reading