Transition & tandem cycling!!

I get my best ideas while tandem bicycling (Bicycle built for two).  Besides my coaching, my passion for life is tandemming.  Been riding together with my husband for 13 years.  Going to a rally-about 32 tandems-that’s 64 or so people, we leave Thurs & come back late Sun night.
Off to Henderson, NC.

Why tell you this in a blog dealing with Transitions?  Because tandems can be a metaphor for change. And can be one you hadn’t thought of-blinders on to other ideas.  Let’s examine this closer… You shift gears-have goals(get to end!) and an action plan with easy to follow steps that break it up into smaller parts-(cues-mini-directions turn right, go straight 2 miles…) contact 3 companies, identify 3 things you enjoy doing…list 5 employers to include with job descriptions on your resume…

There are countless ways to think about a Transition-by “thinking outside the box” you get out of your own head.  You take off the blinders & look at it through new eyes.

Transition is a time of change, a shifting of gears in life’s journey…

Have you changed gears?  if not.  Would you want to?




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