Interview Questions Not For The Faint of Heart!

First, I’ve been caught up in Identity theft war!  Just, do yourself a favor, make copies of everything!  Only buy online from secure-(little lock graphic in corner) and DON’T FAX your card info!

Several folks have personally asked about weird or seemingly so… interview questions!  Really, it’s ok to comment…bet hundreds of others have similar questions…

Some examples of "off the wall" questions

Do you believe in magic?  (for an artsy bistro)
If you were a vegetable-what would you be and why? (Health Food Store Manager)
How many manhole covers are there in Missoula, Mississippi? (A Management Consultant-really wanted to know strategic thinking/research to find answer!)

Moral:  The question may, at first glance-ok, hearing, may seem weird to you, but often real telling to the employer!

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