Help! I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft!

I haven’t been around much…See, I’ve been dealing with credit card customer service folks, recurring payments that had a card Ihad to cancel & generally, trying to get my life back in order. I always say LIFE/Work balance-in that order…But, I’ve definitely been living work-life balance…and not much balance!

In between, I went to an EvolutionaryWomen Retreat-all about conscious co-creation & it was 55 women sharing how a new world with peace & the things we want to see-better education systems, more concern for the environment…Very empowering-Barbara Marx Hubbard’s teachings are followed.

I had one part of my brain on this and the other around my ID Theft woes!  I’m getting ready to go to a week-long conference & dreading the first time I use my new credit card!

Identity Theft is just awful-but, it’s all good…I found a 0% APR deal when switched a balance!

Anyone had ID theft happen?  Please share!


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Help! I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft! — 13 Comments

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