Do you buy the Law of Attraction?

Sedona-here’s some pictures from our trip to the Wealth & Life Balance Retreat that I experienced in November.  Why think of it now?

Well, cause that was 6 months ago & after a jam-packed weekend of Law of Attraction gurus-folks who’d been featured in The Secret, had financial freedom & abundance & told us we can attract what we want.
So, I made changes, experienced some transitions, was more intentional about what I wanted…

I looked at the clutter in my life and got rid of lots-both physical-like papers & files but, also some old beliefs that weren’t serving me.

I also took back some e-commerce resources & heard an internet marketing expert.  The balance of Business & Financial & the holistic/spiritual was a powerful example of what’s possible!

There has been fans & naysayers about the Law of Attraction….What do you feel about it?

In Abundance!
Marcia the Transition Chick!
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