Did you know blogging can effect your job search?

I just attended a session on blogging and how often employers google their resume prospects BEFORE offering an interview!  Wow!  You should google yourself.  See what comes up…good & not so…"digital dirt"! Well’gotta go grab dinner!  I’m at Career Masters … Continue reading

Staying positive…Can you?

I calculated-over 16 years, I’ve facilitated 3 workshops/day on Job Search, Job Search-Interviewing, Resume Writing & other related topics.  One week is 10 workshops and a month-80!  YIKES! No matter what-I talk about the roller coaster-the Job Search process and … Continue reading

Going to a conference & my business will happen without me!

How do you spell relief?  VA as in Virtual Assistant! She does my shopping cart, keeps all my internet marketing stuff straight, supports me in my solopreneur-dom and deals with my transitions "growing pains"! I’m used to having to do … Continue reading

Interview Questions Not For The Faint of Heart!

First, I’ve been caught up in Identity theft war!  Just, do yourself a favor, make copies of everything!  Only buy online from secure-(little lock graphic in corner) and DON’T FAX your card info! Several folks have personally asked about weird … Continue reading

Help! I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft!

I haven’t been around much…See, I’ve been dealing with credit card customer service folks, recurring payments that had a card Ihad to cancel & generally, trying to get my life back in order. I always say LIFE/Work balance-in that order…But, … Continue reading

Do you buy the Law of Attraction?

Sedona-here’s some pictures from our trip to the Wealth & Life Balance Retreat that I experienced in November.  Why think of it now? Well, cause that was 6 months ago & after a jam-packed weekend of Law of Attraction gurus-folks … Continue reading